Get a dreamjob - join palmera club ainmators team - and work abroad
  1. How many hours a day will I work?
    Working hours are 8 - 10 hours per day, 6 days a week. But animation is different than others job, so you will be actually at the work whole day. Animator is working few hours in the morning, then 2-3 hours in the afternoon and of course few hours in the evening. Especially at the beginning of the season you should expect, that you will work couple of hours more than 8 hours. But soon as all the program and shows are ready, you will have days when you will work even less.
  2. How often I will get paid?
    You will get paid monthly, on 15th day of the following month.
  3. Do I need a bank account?
    Yes, agency transfers every month salary to your bank account. It can be one from your country, or you can open bank account in the country where you will work.
  4. Do I get paid during the training course?
  5. Is agency paying for my travel expenses?'
    Yes, at the end of your contractual period, together with your last salary you will get reimbursement of travelling expenses up to 200€. This amount is just for the animators, who completed all the season. Animators who worked less than 6 month will get only half of this amount.
  6. Is there any possibility to make some extra money, except my salary?
    Yes, can earn some extra money from tips and promoting animation articles.
  7. Will the agency provide insurance for me?
    the agency is offering a freelancer job, the animator is responsible to provide his own health insurance for the whole working period .
  8. Do I have to pay for training course?
    No, training course is free of charge. Agency also provides full board accommodation and transportation from the airport.
  9. How old I have to be to apply for a job?
    In order to apply fo r the job you have to be minimum 18 years old.
  10. In which hotel resorts I will work?
    After the successfully completing the training course animators will be placed to the hotels, according to their skills and positions, they want to do (kids animators, sport animators, dancers,...) and needs of the hotel.
  11. Can I be in the same hotel with my friend?
    According to the hotel needs, agency can not guarantee, that you will be placed in the same hotel. But the agency tries to always find the best solution for both sides.
  12. How it is with the accommodation?
    Accommodation for the animators is always in the area of the working place, or near the hotel, where you work. Individual accommodation cannot be guaranteed. Animators are mostly sharing the room with one or two more colleagues.
  13. Will I get any working uniforms?
    Yes, you will work in the uniform during all the day and most of the time in the evening as well. You must also provide a pair of black dress shoes, black trousers, a long sleeve white shirt and black training shoes.
  14. What if I decide to quit before my contract is finish?
    In case you leaves the hotel destination before the last day of your contractual period, you will lose the salary of the month when this occurred and the flight ticket cost at the rate of 200€ won't be paid.